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We know that the opportunity to earn hours of continuing professional development (CPDs) is important for many attendees of our Annual Conference. And we are always looking to adhere to strict requirements for proof of attendance, identified at the state level, so that our CPD hours accepted by as many states as possible.

So that we may provide you and your state with a verifiable record of your attendance, we will scan badges at all conference events that offer CPDs, as we did at last year’s conference.

This may create a significant change to your experience as an attendee if you joined us at conferences prior to 2017. Before that, we simply awarded CPDs to anyone who registered for the full conference. As states have required more detailed records, we have adjusted our policy and are now offering more CPD opportunities.

This year, full-conference registrants will have the opportunity to earn up to 20 CPD hours. From workshops to keynotes to networking, there are many events to keep you engaged. The number of CPD hours you will earn is based on actual attendance, which is confirmed when your badge is scanned.

Note: Anyone holding a credential issued on or after July 1, 2013 must fulfill the AMS professional development requirement. CPDs earned at the AMS Annual Conference apply.

Our goal is to make the conference as enjoyable and enriching as possible for you. In addition to events that earn CPDs, you’ll have access to parties, research posters, yoga sessions, meet-and-greets, our Peace Table, and many other activities and exhibits to round out your experience.

We ask for your patience with badge scanning; it is a service included in your conference registration, and one we will look to refine and perfect over the coming years. This year we will only require 1 scan (either at the beginning or end of the session), and each event will have at least 2 scanners (double the number of last year’s). We are thinking of your attendee experience and hope that you will find the process of having your badge scanned seamless.

If you do not need to collect CPDs, there’s no need to have your badge scanned. Just bypass the volunteers at the doors and enjoy the biggest Montessori event of the year!

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